Daylin Laine

Makeup Artist

About Me

Daylin Laine is a NYC based makeup artist with 10 years of experience in the industry with a focus on pinup/boudoir, bridal, and anything with a dark & vampy twist!

She started by helping friends prep for Burlesque photoshoots. From there, she started taking on amateur shoots which eventually lead to a focus on pinup and wedding styles. In the bridal and boudoir world, she found her calling and has worked on more whimsical editorials for, but not limited to, Tartarus Magazine, Opera Magazine, and Vogue. She loves being able to explore all paths of makeup with her focus on making anyone and everyone who sits in her chair, feel beautiful in their natural skin.

Daylin works in the tristate area and out of her apartment in Astoria, NY with her partner and 2 cats (ask about them, she loves to show them off!) but she’s always happy to travel! Working as a makeup artist gives her the creativity and passion needed in her life.

daylin laine